No One Should Understand

Living a life dependant on faith is more like living in an alternative reality. It is completely counterintuitive to what you or I can understand. Vision is hard to see and meaning is just as easy to forget. We risk losing everything only to be made nothing in this kingdom and yet gain everything in the next. We pray, we hope… it seems reminiscent of talking to an old friend who truly gets you and helps remind you… “Just hold on, just a little longer…for something better is yet to come.”

Jesus’s parents questioned him once in a kingdom saying… “Why have you treated us like this?” And while they didn’t understand the answer, Jesus understood why and knew exactly where he belonged.

Like Mary and Joseph, it’s hard to understand the why a lot of times. It can cause us to lose things…valuable things that were promised and are yet to come.

We don’t get that and tend to begin patterns of protecting, reinforcing, and paying homage to smaller kingdoms we’ve built around us and in our hearts. We can at least understand those.

But that kind of security and surety comes at a cost. How much would you be willing to give up when your kingdom divides? What sacrifices will you keep making? Which ones will you stop? What could really be in it to lose your whole world in order to save it?

Everything around you will indicate that this is not important. But, try as you might…you can not domesticate your heart or put perimeters on the lengths, depths, and heights the God of the universe will go to in order to pursue you to the very end.

The Lord himself has been known to spit in his loved one’s eyes just so they could see clearly that the kingdom has begun. It’s hard to see at first, but He will come toward us again to clear out the worldy kingdoms stored in our hearts, the logs in our eyes and make room for you and I in a new reality where we belong with Him.

It’s ok that no one understands. God does. He’s had it figured out for a while and has a plan.

“God will only give you what you would have asked for if you knew everything He knows” -Tim K.