Practically Essential…

I recently read an article about Essentialism. Considering myself a minimalist already, I was fascinated by the term and quickly gravitated to how I could take not just the minimum with me, but only the essential through life’s unpredictable courses.

As I think about navigating this journey, I quickly realize my heart and hands tend to pack different things before departure. Practically, my hands stow items which provide security for the trip. Things like a debit card with enough money, a phone for connection, a knife for utility or defense. My heart though, wants to hold essential things while on the journey. Like a camera for memory, reading materials for discovering, a notepad for recording.

I notice the practical things I take help me accomplish the journey while the essential things only help me experience the journey. I guess you try to do both when traveling well, right? The journey of faith however, is usually quite the opposite. I find that it always has less to do with the practical and all to do with the essential.

Our hands want to build, secure, and manage the practical, yet our hearts want to dream, believe, and dare us to risk things for the deeper purposes. It begs us to live outside of practicality. It forages for freedom, truth, and meaning behind our lives.

It knows we’re created to do greater things than we’re doing now. To not bank on just the practical. It wants to teach our hands to hold the essential.

If you see the door is open and your heart wants to take you through, you may see a desert before you. You can trust the lanscape will come with challenges greater than you’ve known, but also, with opportunities significant enough to define all that is unknown. Chances are you’re following a path that has been led before. Go through it, open the door as wide as your heart, maybe change your history forever and watch how practical the essential becomes.