You don’t have to be right to find Joy…

I haven’t listened to the news most of my life or still today. I don’t own a TV and my social media apps I deleted those off my phone starting this year too. Is this the right thing to do? Does this make me right? I don’t know. I do know that I’m trying to pursue more time listening and hearing instead. My hope is to start cultivating something new and grow in capacity toward things like prayer, faith, and ultimately joy in what the truth actually is.

I have to confront some realities though in order to form this kind of posture. And it will be a life’s work. For one, I have to get honest and realize that the world did not really need me. It was getting along fine without me. Even if I was gone tomorrow, those near me would be sad, but in terms of my city and the state I live in, how important is the loss? Harsh, but it is true. We are much smaller and unimportant than we think of ourselves.

After humbly sitting with that, we must go to another place of truth with faith required… God, in all of His cosmological making and creating would not go forth in the world without you. The creator of everything you know and everyone you care about has vested interest in the trajectory of your life and you are intimately known by Him.

My heart races and tears begin to well, as I consider what that means for my life, death and the life ever after.

Let us consider as we grow older this year, inclining our ears to hear more, our prayers to weigh more, and the capacity of faith to be widened and deepened, as we make decisions big and small. And that we could go in peace knowing the Lord would set our eyes to see salvation both today and tomorrow.