TROY Partners with IOST to Improve the Layer-2 Scalability of Troy Network

Troy Trade
Nov 4 · 2 min read

TROY, the global prime broker specialized in crypto trading and asset management, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with IOST, an ultra-fast, decentralized blockchain network based on the next-generation consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability” (PoB). IOST now is also the fourth member of the “Global Ecological Community Program” launched by TROY, which is designed to break the trading barriers of crypto assets and build a frictionless, integrated crypto asset trading ecosystem.

TROY, derived from Troy Network, will work closely with IOST in devoting R&D resources towards research and development of layer-2 scaling solutions. Through this partnership, TROY could adopt IOST’s novel and advanced off-chain scaling technology. Simultaneously, TROY could provide IOST with the most promising application scenarios, like trading marketplace and settlement network.

In Troy Network, the whole system architecture consists of four layers, including the public chain protocol layer, the off-chain trading layer, the settlement network layer and the application layer. In order to improve users’ trading experience and further enhance the privacy protection, Troy Network will deploy a public chain settlement protocol, which adopts Layer -2 scaling technologies as the keystone. In the off-chain trading and settlement layer, Troy Network will improve the scalability and usability by actively applying the mature off-chain scaling technology from IOST to the trading process.

About IOST

IOST is building an ultra-high TPS blockchain infrastructure to meet the security and scalability needs of a decentralized economy. Led by a team of proven founders and backed by world-class investors, our mission is to be the underlying architecture for the future of online services.

About TROY

Troy Trade is a global prime broker specialized in crypto trading and asset management. We provide crypto brokerage services for institutional clients and professional traders with revolutionary products, including spot & margin trading, derivatives, data, custody, lending and staking in one account.

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Troy Trade, derived from Troy Network, is a global prime broker specialized in crypto asset trading.

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