The Truth About W23rd Street and 5th Avenue

New York has been known to be a very hectic and fast place space. However, around rush hour, usually 5pm on weekdays, it can get even crazier. In places like Manhattan where businesses, train stations and restaurants are all located in one convenient block, you can be sure there will always be a multitude of people. Which is why West 23rd street and 5th avenue, is the perfect location for companies to hand out free samples of their products.

W23rd Street & 5th Avenue

As you can see from the picture on the left, living in a place like New York City makes you value anything that is given to you for free. Which is why it was a pleasant surprise when I came across the yoghurt company Noosa, which in last couple of years has been gaining a lot mainstream popularity. Parked right outside the Italian grocery store Eataly on W23rd street , was Alexandria Niese, who is the NYC marketing field manager for Noosa.

In the interview below, Niese answers the questions why her and her team specifically chose West 23rd Street and 5th Avenue, why companies decide to give out free samples and what separates Noosa from the rest of its competitors.

NYC Field Marketing Manager for Noosa

Companies like Noosa, Oreo and Haagen Dazs who give out free samples of their products target W23rd street because they know that the people located in that street are local New Yorkers and not tourists. They target New Yorkers because they want them to buy their products which is available in New York City and may not be available in other places or states therefore why they don’t target tourists.

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