“Ghostbusters” and the Specter of Double Standards
Kate Gardner

It seems that you are building a case as if the movie was on all equal grounds of movies in general, and that doesn’t work. Ghostbusterss is just a bad movie. Sure, it had a nice box office opening, but can’t hold it because it’s not good. Double standard? What about the crazy success of all the female-driven movies these days? — Twilight series, Divergent Series, Pitch Perfect series, Hunger Games Series, the new Star Wars installment, and the New Nerve movie? It seems opposite of what you write — that women are box office successes… but Ghostbusters is not in the same league as these movies, it’s just not a good movie. So before you scream “double standard,” look at the WHOLE of moviedom and I would say that the ladies are doing way better than the men.

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