Why I built my own Tony Stark tech for my watch

I have had my iWatch from the first day of sale and I haven’t been able to find any apps that suited my needs. All the back and fourth with the dial and button pressing has made me put my watch in the drawer were tech goes to die in my house.

Recently I have been watching the Iron Man movies and I though it would be cool to turn all of my old devices into a connected network of internet of things. Since I own a beacon company, my house was first to get a makeover. Now when I enter my home, all of my devices come alive triggered by a single beacon. Lights, TV and computer turn on from there day long sleep. When I leave everything goes back to sleep and my app shows a sleeping icon.

Next was may car, I dropped a beacon in the trunk and now when I jump out and run to the basketball game, I don’t have to worry about finding my car when I return… Leaving the beacon zone automatically triggers my location to get pushed to our server where I can recall it on on my watch on my way back by pressing the car icon.

Now on to fitness… HealthKit reminding me to standup and thats great, but I want more… I want all the information about my activity on one screen. So, I can now track all of my vitals on my watch without having to switch between many apps and screens. When its time to workout, i have a notification remind me and my robot turns red for the body part i am working on for that day.

I can now, call my iWatch a smart device that uses a single app to display whats important to me.

Home,Work,Car, Gym and beyond!

This has started as a pet project and is quickly turing into something I may share with the world.