Remote work has lately become popular in the tech circles and I couldn’t be happier. Having worked remotely for over a decade I hope more people embrace remote work this decade.

Remote work just like traditional work has different segments and over my career I have worked across these segments. Each segment targets a different set of developers and pursuing one which is not the right fit may result in a failure or just a bad experience. Over this post, I intend to identify the different segments and their targets.

The Newbie

Getting your first job is hard and getting it from…

This year, we saw the rise and rise of TikTok. It has become one of the fastest growing social media apps. However, many people describe its content with words like ‘vile’, ‘cheap’, ‘shocking’ etc. I had known of TikTok and seen its content in memes but as more and more people around me started showing it off to me; I got intrigued and wanted to study it as a product.

So, I downloaded it and to my surprise, no account was needed. This was not an usual social networking app!

It was content which was right “For You” according to…

Lately, I have been working on getting my home smarter. I am doing this by buying some stuff; building some stuff and hacking some stuff. I have been at it for 3 years now. While I like most of the connected gadgets I am repulsed with the idea that every device needs to be connected to the internet to become useful. As someone who believes in the power of the internet and wants everyone to be connected to it; I rather dislike the idea of most connected gadgets.

The reason I hate it is because I believe most of the connected gadgets that we see are actually a bandaid for poor UX design in consumer (electronic) products.

The consumer electronic industry seldom works like a product company but rather…

The new TRAI draft regulation for commercial communications with the customer has made Blockchain based DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) as its core. Most of the regulation is based on the belief that DLT technology is technically superior and suitable for storing customer commercial communication preferences. This is technically incorrect.

From the Press release

The above statement is false. Blockchain hasn’t been tested at scale anywhere in the world. Nor can Blockchain guarantee any security without the decentralised model.

Following are some of the definitions and regulations which have been used in the draft. …

For the past few months I been interested in cryptocurrencies; primarily Bitcoin. I am so into it that I have gone ahead and started mining Bitcoins. And I hope by the end of this post; you too will be interested. 😊

Let’s start with a story; the story of Bitcoin. I have tried to keep this post as a non-technical one but there might be a few technical jargons; feel free to Google them and you should be able to find good answers. If you don’t; do tweet to me or post a comment and I will surely get to…

Journalism is dying a slow death. The model of relying heavily on advertisements have made the media answerable to the highest bidder rather than the reader. It’s said, Journalism is one of the pillars of democracy. If journalism dies, I wonder how will democracy survive. I have had a few sleepless nights thinking about the state of our media. I am scared of the future where any truth can be manufactured.

I am happy to see that subscription based digital news is taking off. Hopefully, we will have many of them at scale to remove the noise currently be peddled…

Ok. So, our Road Transport Minister just said, he is not going to allow self-driving tech. This is sad.

He is wrong to stifle technological progress of 1/6 of humankind. We don’t have a choice because if legislatures had it their way, we would still be riding horses. But, fortunately, the history of cars is filled with such not-so-smart decisions which were overrun by technology and capitalism.

This is a Work — In — Progress post.

I need to first explain what Hyperloop is! Stay tuned.

I believe I am an early adopter of technology. Technology is what has augmented the human race to accelerate its progress. And over the years, I have trusted and tested many emerging technologies sometimes to realise it was a pipe dream. (Disclaimer: I was part of a 3D Printing company which was unable to build a product that users needed).

So, when Elon Musk announced the Hyperloop, I was excited as well as sceptical of the whole system. But wished they…

Every time I want to access a file iCloud most times it doesn’t work! I have considered using some other file syncing service like Google Drive or Dropbox but have been reluctant because Apple keeps shoving down the iCloud cool-aid down our throats regardless of our choice.

The iCloud service is so poorly built that it never knows which files should it cache. And today my worst fears came true. On the day, I have to file my taxes, iCloud won’t let me access my Invoices I stored on iCloud.

I pinged Apple Support and after hours of back and…

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Hole In The Wall Project in New Delhi

Colonialism 2.0

Our societies are undergoing a transformation with the assistance of the technology. This new stage of human evolution is being accelerated by algorithmic cascades which the Internet has helped brought to billions of people. And while we celebrate and work towards bringing the next billion online, we are stepping back by creating silos akin to the colonization done by the Europeans during the industrial revolution.

Let’s go in the time machine to ancient India and see how it was orchestrated back then. India was a land of inequality with the kings and…

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