My Elysium Basis Experiment

I’m not a big believer in supplements or health products. But something about the pitch for Elysium’s Basis anti-aging pills struck a chord with me. The ads appeared in my Facebook feed and seemed to offer a scientific approach to stopping the aging process and keeping us all from dying with DNA repair. Or something like that. It’s a little fuzzy now. I ordered a sample and the two pills I took each day didn’t seem to have much effect beyond my appetite–I was finding it much easier to not eat so much food. Since I was undertaking one my periodic ‘don’t eat so much’ diets, this was proving helpful so I ordered more of the short white jars of capsules.

Once I was a few months into Basis I started noticing more effects. I was having more vivid dreams. One recent dream had me yelling something out loud which I’ve been told, I’ve never done before. My sleep in’t better, there’s more tossing and turning, but I was waking up with more energy. I’m more resilient. This could also be because I started doing cardio for the first time in years, but hey, I wasn’t doing that before taking Basis so, let’s share a little credit. Next, I noticed my skin was softer. The skin on my elbows in particular went from that elephant hide rough to something closer to a kid glove. Has it stopped me from aging? Jury is still out on that. My hair doesn’t seem to be getting less gray. And I’m not giving all the credit to Basis. I’ve also improved my diet by eating less fried foods and given up caffeine (no more Diet Coke or Starbucks) in the last few months. I’m wondering what other effects will start showing up if I keep taking Basis for months and years to come.