Three Raptors

A very, very short story

“The idea came to me shortly after the Tea Party seized the means of governance,” she said, leaning in and reaching for a short glass of brown liquor. Two men, one orange, the other white haired, sat across a small round wooden table in a dim room. Probably underground.

“Want to start by saying that I wouldn’t be asking this of you if it wasn’t important, but I… no, your Country, needs you. I…”

“For you, I’m sure… I’m positive that we can make the deal, the great… a great. The best deal,” quickly said the orange man.

“Why are we here? What’s this all about?!” barked the white haired man, hands gesticulating wildly.

“Gentlemen,” she said and paused, looking them each in the eye. “I want you to help me destroy the Republican Party…”