Two Lovely Women

“A standing elderly woman rests her hands on the shoulders of another woman” by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

An old woman shuffles down the sidewalk

Walking meditatively observing the landscape,

I watch her stop and look at some flowers

Admiring their blooms as she gently touches.

Watching her quietly look all around

Absorbing the full panorama in her view,

I wonder what she might be thinking

With all the changes she must have seen.

One feels she is glimpsing the past

And future in this present moment,

Wizened face etched with lines of history

With her penetrating dark brown eyes.

What mysteries lurk beneath her soul?

How does she feel the many changes?

Continuing her slow but steady walk,

Unaware she is being watched.

She walks alone in perfect peace

Seemingly content being here now,

What stories she could likely tell

Hidden away within her being.

Another aged woman walking toward us

A look of recognition glowing in her eyes,

Mutual smiles of long deep affection

Embracing one another in familiarity.

Celebration of what both have seen

Having lived years we do not know,

Perhaps mutual glimpses of the past

Or thoughts of what might have been?