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Image by Konevi from Pixabay

Fresh smelling air in cold of morning
Breathing in deeply to savor its smell
Free from frequently noxious fumes,
Eyes roam freely taking in scenery
Clear distance as far as eyes can see.

Imagining what lies beyond my sight
Across large oceans in foreign lands
Where customs differ from our own,
Wonder how people view our country
What they must think of Americans.

Returning attention to present moment
Viewing foliage and blooming flowers
Nature’s beauty always on full display
Soothing minds and heartening spirits,
As new day begins unfolding on course.

Enjoying the pleasure of fresh morning air
Feeling its coolness wash against my face
While breathing fresh air so light and clean
Early morning hours, a favorite time of day.

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Warm throbbing hearts in winter’s cold
Provide camaraderie accented with elan
Inspiring cheerful company with pleasure,
Varied in the eclectic styles they have
Often sharing friendship breaking bread.

Appreciating people with different origins
Diversities in races, colors and creeds
Knowing all are human beings like me,
Adding richness to our world views
Listening to stories they have to tell.

Many important values shared in common
Seeking peace and fulfillment in our lives
Grateful for friendships we have together
Genuine caring about one another’s fate
As we explore life’s adventures together.

Triumphs and travails experienced together
Reinforcing human bonds, we all have,
Warm throbbing hearts in winter’s cold.

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Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay

Releasing unpleasant internal tensions
Seeking to feel freedom’s true blessings
Quieting mind while calming body
Feeling peaceful spirit dwelling within
Following the breath wherever it goes.

Being in harmony with the universe
Divining vibrations it keeps sending
Trying to decipher what they mean,
Having respect for all living beings
Knowing each bears unique purposes.

Admiring vast nature and its habitats
Scrutinizing beauty contained in each
Watching wildlife in abundant flourish
Identifying each as they appear
Fascinating in how they develop.

Absorbing universe’s full gestalt
Communing with all that’s here
Feeling sacredness of our universe.

© Randy Shingler 2020

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Photo by Tony Pham on Unsplash

Fascinations with falling raindrops
Patterns in which they seem to come
Sometimes falling straight from sky
Or in angular directions swept by wind
Nourishing earth with their sweet nectar.

Our good earth critically important to us
Providing food for human sustenance
Warmth and radiance coming from sun,
Rotating variations of seasonal changes
Different times but all necessary for life.

Earth often not receiving recognition deserved
By humans engaged in brutal abusive practices
Raping and pillaging too many of its resources
Without appreciating primeval beauty destroyed
Or finite nature of earth’s highly coveted treasures.

More appreciation needed for our good earth,
Not calculated indifference for its needs
Or being oblivious to searing pains it feels
From abusive pilfering of its rich resources.

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Image by Uki_71 from Pixabay

Morning sun is beckoning to me
Slowly arousing from its sleep
Brightly shining on its course,
New day emerges with its promise
Of renewal and adventures unknown.

Renewal of recently tiring spirit
Letting become more energized
Facing the day with greater vigor,
Following wherever the spirt leads
Always trusting it to keep me safe.

Sky now lighted by fully awakened sun
Shimmering clouds against pale blue
Streaks of gray dotting distant horizon,
Trees bare of leaves now on the ground
Winter begins moving to displace fall.

All are parts of an unfolding drama
Underneath the ever-beckoning sun.

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

My spirit is grateful for what I have
Health, emotional well-being paramount
And friendships with kind-spirited people
Having food when many are struggling
For basic nourishment for their families.

Grateful to have a nice place to live
While seeing homeless camps nearby
With tattered belongings scattered about,
Seeing forlorn and hopeless expressions
Imprinted in worn wrinkles on their faces.

Grateful to have a new president elected
One with character, honest and forth right
Showing compassion for those in need
Ready to lead America to better places
Wanting to regain confidence of doubtful allies.

Grateful for being able to commune with nature
Enjoying primeval beauty, mountains and streams
Walking through hilly forests amidst verdant trees,
Thanksgiving gratitude for all that I have been given.

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Walking against the wind.
Blowing hard from north
Bright sun rising overhead
Cold morning air inhalations.

Exhilarated by day’s beginning
Anticipating what might come
Never sure about expectations
Uncertainty keeps mind alive.

Moving from inner thoughts
Observe looming present scenery
Wooded areas, urban homes
Juxtapositioned along my walk.

Feeling warmth brushing face
Sun rising higher overhead
Wind still blowing steadily
Breathing deeply, lighter air.

Soothed by solitude and scenery
Briskly walking against the wind.

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Image by Joseph Redfield Nino from Pixabay

Warmth of love within my heart
Rising rapture often overwhelms
Peaceful pleasure washes over me
Touching core of deep inner spirit
Powerful force always uplifting me.

Love for my creative partner
Stimulating me with new ideas
Viewing artwork of unique designs,
Love for my grown son and daughter
Raising young daughters of their own.

Love for humanity’s perpetual kinship
Diverse beings encircling planet earth
Regardless of what their race or creed
Recognizing common roots we share
And feeling same emotions as we are.

Love is the force binding us together
Across the world in disparate cultures
And to people who are close and dear,
Rapturous love can lift anyone’s spirits.

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Image by Peggy Choucair from Pixabay

Walking under tree lined arches
In the midst of year’s fall decay
Rustling leaves litter the ground
Arches are now wooden and bare
Wilted wildflowers along the way.

Rocky shoreline beside the creek
With it flowing in steady cadence
Swirling currents filled with leaves
Atop its increased mud-filled depths
Barren tree limbs hover overhead.

Spirit moved viewing decaying scenes
Thoughtful rhythms of life and death
Wondering if winter snows will come,
Thriving life eventually will be restored
Inspiring dreams of spring’s evolution.

Living now in midst of fall decay
Watching world turning browner
Affecting spirits, personal demeanors,
Waiting for spring, life to be restored.

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Photo by Alex Paganelli on Unsplash

Moving through life’s twisted paths
Wondering where they are leading me
Fate propels me in taking next steps
Sometimes straight, sometimes forked
Wisdom needed in selecting right paths.

Paths may seem familiar and comfortable
Or wary feelings moving towards unknowns
Strange mysteries encountered along the way
Discovering destinations never seen before
Adapting and absorbing to whatever comes.

Every day filled with its own adventures
Navigating on multiple branching paths
Joys and sorrows can be ever present
Depending which forks decidedly taken
While life persists in just moving on.

Wisdom developed in lessons learned
Experiences gained propelled by fate
Touching deep feelings within the soul,
Continuing along life’s twisted paths.

Randy Shingler 2020


Randy Shingler

Writer, Poet, Essayist, Meditator, Compassionate Being, Top writer in Poetry,History, and Diversity.

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