Well I decited to change my project a little. I am making little yard decorations, firepits, shelves, little toy trucks and just any little thing that can be made out of scrap. About a week ago I make this little toy truck. It is made from scrap tubing and sheet metal. It has been a lot more fun.

I started off by cuting this ten inch by four inch piece off sheet metal. I then took this two inch tubing and cut it in half i took one half welded it on the front of the truck the truck as the hood. I then welded a four inch piece of tubing and welded that to the base. Then i took another four inch piece and cut it in half and welded it so the open end was faceing up. then with the sheet metal I made the grill the windows and the bed of the truck. I then weld four nuts onto the bottom put the axle and wheels on there.

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