This is a good argument against the modern corporation.

I agree! I’m totally against the existence of corporations for these same reasons, I wish that governments had not created them, and I wish that governments would stop shielding them from the free market forces that would bring them back in line or destroy them.

I don’t think a fair comparison can be made between the workplace (voluntary and non-violent) and the state (totally involuntary and always violent) when it comes to centralized control.

If I own a business any employee I choose to hire must bring me value: I am the customer paying for the employee’s services. The employee’s whose work is not in line with my vision do not bring me value, and their desires to produce different or “better” work is wholly irrelevant. A better corollary to this example would be the possible “democracy” of a person ordering a tasty beverage from their favourite barista: would it be acceptable for two of the coffee shop’s employees to “outvote” the customer’s order?

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