Be in Your element and remain successful. “Life-centered” vs. “money-centered” perspective.

Well said! I’m fortunate enough to be one who gets to spend my days at home, with my family, working doing what I love as part of my life.

That said, my family cannot eat happy feelings. Love will not pay the mortgage. I guarantee you that my children will not feel so loving and “life centered” after not eating for a few days and walking around in the snow without good shoes.

Who’s fault would that be? That would be mine.

We can talk about food banks are great and how mortgages shouldn’t cost so much, but that would be to ignore the other, necessarily “money-centered” people who would now have to work even harder to pay for that exchange, not to mention the inherent losses, bureaucratic and otherwise, to maintain a system that we tell ourselves in starry-eyed, Utopian fashion would be better than this. No, better to do for one’s self.

So, perhaps “money-centric” isn’t the right way to live if everything else is rejected in a soulless pursuit of money — if money becomes the end rather than a means — but money must be a consideration in any kind of life worth living. Guilt is optional.

My perspective is that both can (and IMO, should) be accomplished! Show your children how to do business. Involve your wife in your work. Make the habit of “making money” a constant, underlying part of your “life-centeredness”.

Most of all, I teach my children that they might one day find themselves a victim, but it’s up to them whether they choose to continue in that victimhood as a volunteer.

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