Even the most ardent libertarian would agree with that
That’s not true at all.
will becker

Well that’s clearly not the case, because I’m disagreeing with that, and my arguments are (ultimately) derived from first principles.

I see that there are many regulations, and I see that people make correlations between regulations and the positive things you describe. Those correlations are totally without merit and should not be made.

Health and safety: as a retired police officer I see an inverse relationship between the state and the wellbeing of those under the state’s control.

Pollution: governments (particularly the U.S. and Chinese governments) are the largest polluters on the planet, making massive multinational corporations look like the Sierra Club.

Economics: The U.S. national debt, derived from the central planning of U.S. currency (rather than simply letting the markets control the dollar’s value) is the worst financial debacle / financial crime in the history of mankind. Wasn’t that management intended to end the boom/bust cycle? Talk about an improper correlation to make!

These are three examples I came up with literally as fast as I could type them, and I could come up with thousands more. Give me an example of central planning and I will easily demonstrate how things not only could be better for everyone, but undoubtedly would be better for everyone.

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