A note to my future self as a founder.

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I have started a company. I have also shut down a company. No, I didn’t conjure up a post-mortem post claiming to be happy about closing. It was hard. But I did write some notes to myself at the end of it all on mistakes that I should not make again, the motivations I need to remind myself in the thick of it, and the goals I should set with my next company. That was about two years ago now. As I move onto my next venture, I was looking back at these notes, and I decided to share the…

As we’ve been grinding for a little over a month now, I thought that you should get to know the amazing folks behind Advo and why we are doing what we are.

*To make sure this post continues to stay fresh, we’re going to keep it as an open draft, updating it as we learn more about ourselves and add new members to the group.

A checklist guide to signing your first apartment.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably making big moves. Congrats on graduating or switching jobs or pulling the trigger on just doing you. Hell yeah. Let’s just try to avoid getting swindled, though, as you sign that new lease.

I’m going to split this article into 3 stages: viewing, contract, and signing. It’ll make sense in a sec.

p.s. Skip to the bottom if you just want to just see the MUST NOTs.

Viewing 👀

Pre-Contract Questions and Checkpoints

  • Check the cabinets under the sink. They are typically a tell-tale sign of whether there may be vermin or pests. …

We’ve all been there. You have no idea what to order while you’re out with your co-workers and end up copying the gin-and-tonics everyone else is having. Or you’re still asking for those PBR tallboys because they are the cheapest. Or, god forbid, you still force everyone around you to take tequila shots. Promise me that this stops now??

Okay okay, we’re not that far out from college, but let’s at least appear like we know what we’re doing. Below are some tips and tricks for ordering at the bar.


  • If you are having trouble getting the bartender’s attention, lean…

In three minutes flat.

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Have you ever stared blankly at your computer, summing up all of your courage and gusto to write an email introduction but can’t? The answer is yes. Don’t lie to yourself. I promise it happens to the best of us (see above).

Well, lucky for you, I put together a quick, foolproof guide on how to go about introducing two future besties (ahem, work partners).

Getting a job these days is basically like calling an Uber, right?

New year, new you, new job? You can do it. Also, let’s be honest — writing that Tinder profile bio is probably harder than applying to a job in this day and age. Sort of.

Anyway, I’m keeping this one short. Here’s an extensive list of apps to help you find a new gig.


These are probably the type of platforms you think of when you’re looking for a new job; they are just places where you can search for all the jobs in the world to your heart’s content.

Joke from Ryan Kelly.

SIGH, it seems that we’re nearing that time of year again when your weird co-workers and distant aunts start asking what your New Years Resolutions are. Yup, I’m not looking forward to it, either. But it did motivate me to get my shit (ahem, finances) together. I’m no expert, but I’ve tried a ton of these personal finance products and put together a list of tools that made my life a little bit easier (and *might* make yours easier too).

Maybe we can achieve a New Year’s Resolution this year after all.

p.s. I’ve starred* the apps/tools that I’ve settled…

A good friend of mine recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend. Yes, couples have separated for thousands if not millions of years. But in one particularly excruciating bit, he detailed how since they broke up at 3 am, she didn’t want to stay the night and wanted to leave immediately. Being his sad but tech-loving self, he books her an Uber. And then he proceeds to watch on his iPhone’s Uber app as the car takes her from his place in Brooklyn to her home in the Upper West Side (35 min), knowing that this will be his last…

2014 in Review


Harvard Ventures aims to foster Harvard startup community by providing students with the resources, skills, and community to learn about and engage with entrepreneurship and venture capital.

The 2014 Board

Semi-anonymized (but brutally honest) lessons from three top entrepreneurs

Contributors: Evan Baehr, Ofo Ezeugwu, Sebastián León

Compiled by: Brian Truong


Evan Baehr

Co-Founder of Able Lending

Co-Founder of Outbox

Previously at Facebook, Rock Health and Clarium Capital

BA @ Princeton, MAR @ Yale, MBA @ Harvard

Brian Truong

Working on some yada yada yada. Previously @ Prefer, Blackstone, and Bessemer | Harvard and Thiel Fellowship. truongbrian.com

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