Speedometer — Stay Alive When You Limit Your Truck Speed

Typically, the salary of truckers is paid by the miles. On the other hand, they face several challenges on how much the distance they can travel such as speed limit on the roads, HOS regulations, delay of loading and unloading, traffic congestions as well as sudden nasty weathers.

Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations are the top second critical issues in the trucking industry — 2016. Truck drivers are remains concerned about the reinstatement of the 34 hours restart rule which in conflict with the basic incentive of truckers face.

No matter how, the truck drivers still think of to exceed the speed limit in order to cover more miles and thus they can get higher income in a day. Over speeding of truck would increase the risk of fatal crashes especially at the nasty situations such as wet roadways or reduced visibility due to fog.

According to NHTSA estimates, limiting the speed of heavy trucks would save between 27 and 498 lives annually, depending upon the maximum speed between 60mph to 68mph allowed.

Be safe while getting behind on wheels with the help of Speedometer. At the Truckbubba app, Speedometer on the map works a speed limit alert which makes it easier to monitor your truck speed all the time while driving.

Set your speed limit in km or mph for highway and city respectively by adjusting +5/-5 buttons. It will alert you with appropriate colors so that you can increase or decrease the truck speed accordingly without any speed violations.

Through the Truckbubba app — the best app for truck drivers, you can track about 50,000+ truck points of interest such as truck stops, rest areas, restaurants etc. where you can take a nap, fill your stomach and relax your mind after the HOS driving time is exhausted.

At this amazing app, the searching of nearby availability of truck parking facilities or truck weigh stations is an easy task to be performed. As a Diesel Fuel Locator app, it also always provides you the most accurate and updated fuel price.

Get your loads to be hauled immediately by hiring the nearby trucks through the Truckbubba app. Load Board has free and unlimited resources of trucks or loads can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Life is a precious gift, keep yourself aware and focus while driving. You can download the Truckbubba app from App Store or Google Play.

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