This is the Best Truck Weigh Station Tracker App for North America’s Truckers

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), 9.2 billion tons of freight annually in the USA moves on trucks (that’s about 70% of total freight moved in the USA). To prevent large volume of heavy vehicles from damaging roads and bridges, the Federal Government began regulating truck size and weight in 1956.

The regulations of Federal-Aid Highway Act Amendments –1974 stated that the maximum weight for vehicle operating on the Interstate system are limited to 20,000 lbs. for single axle, 34,000 lbs. for tandem axle and 80,000 lbs. for total gross weight.

The weight limit is including the tractor, chassis, and container in addition to the cargo and it may influence by passengers and fuel level. Overweight trucks can lead to logistics headaches such as costly tickets and additional labor cost for re-allocation goods.

Additionally, the weight limit restrictions of truckers are varying by each State. Therefore, well-planned route in advance with the consideration of truck weight is necessary to keep yourself in safe and comfortable journey.

The Truckbubba app is the best truck weigh station locator app that assist you in finding the nearby weigh station as well as planning the route that perfectly suits your freight movement. It show struck weigh stations near to your current location with the real time status either open or closed.

Due to worrying about shortage of fuels, some truckers may fill the fuel to maximum, but overfilling of fuel will exceed the gross weight of the truck that is set by federal. Hence, the Truckbubba app also works as diesel fuel locator to help you in finding the closest fuel stations with the best fuel rate.

By using this app, you can find quickly the truck stops with hygienic food and parking facilities to fill your stomach or take a nap after long drive journey. The in-built truck optimized GPS feature is the best navigation tool, which guides trucker away from the low bridges, sharp turn roads or truck-prohibited highways.

Alternatively, you can observe live the weather through its weather forecast, get prepared and plan the alternative route to escape the coming of the nasty weathers such as snowfall, storms or tornado. Thus, your cargos and loads can be delivered on time and gain customer’s satisfaction.

The Truckbubba app is equipped with the speed limit alert — Speedometer in which it will warn you with the vivid yellow or red value whenever your truck speed exceeds the speed limit that has been set.

With these amazing features and its qualitative information that brought by the Truckbubba app, we can say that it is the best travel app for truckers. Become an ultimate road hero with this app by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.

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