Tips for Truckers to Avoid Accidents While Driving On Snowy Roads

Being a trucker is the most dangerous job ever considered. Mostly the truckers face serious injuries in fatal truck accidents. The main reason behind the increase in truck accidents is the improvement in economy that has further increased the import and export of goods. Owing to all this, there are more trucks on road thus resulting in accidents and injuries. Even if drivers try to drive more carefully on roads, they are more prone to accidents. There are certain factors contributing to truck accidents. One of the factors is severe weather conditions such as snow. While driving, the truckers might have to face dangerous weather conditions.

That is why they are expected to take some precautions to avoid the accidents while driving in snow, such as –

· Drive on matching tires: Tires with different circumference can damage truck’s driveline. Thus, the truckers must avoid driving trucks with such tires.

· Carefully monitor the traction control system: Traction control system sometimes brings truck to a stop if the tires start spinning while driving uphill on a snowy road. This problem can be solved by increasing the speed to gain momentum.

· Beware of black ice: The truckers can easily presume black ice as water. It is in fact the most slippery road condition that can lead to accidents.

· Check for the proper maintenance of tires: The truckers must ensure that the tires are properly inflated to the right pressure. These tires are really large that makes it mandatory that they should be in good condition to bear the whole weight of the truck. To prevent the trucks from slipping, the treads need to be in very good condition.

· Be prepared beforehand: Truckers can plan your trip by checking the weather forecast before handed. They must also be aware about the nearby parking or rest areas where they can park their trucks and have some rest when the weather conditions worsened. The Truckbubba app is specially designed for such truckers who are facing these severe conditions while driving. It makes use of GPS navigation to track most suitable and safest route for the truckers. They can also easily search for the nearby parking areas and truck stops through this app. It is also equipped with “Weather Forecast” feature through which the truckers can easily acknowledge about the weather conditions so that they can plan their trip accordingly.

Last but not the least; the truckers need to stay fit and healthy while driving. The increasing toll in truck related deaths can be controlled by ensuring that the truckers are following the schedules that prioritize safety.

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