Truckbubba — The Most Effective App for Truck Drivers in North America

It is a cliché that truck-driving jobs are actually meant for those with nerves of steel and head for heights. Certainly, truck drivers have to face a lot of pressure to make delivery on time and to pass through various traffic jams that might slow down their movements.

Owing to this increasing pressure, they just end up breaking the traffic rules and thus putting their life in danger. In the absence of any navigation, they move along the torturous curves, which might lead to accidents on highways.

For truck drivers in North America, a new app Truckbubba has been designed and developed which will serve as a personal mobile assistance. Through this app, the truck drivers can easily track the nearby truck shops, parking areas and repairing shops.

Features of Truckbubba app, which are going to help the truck drivers in the long run are:

· Fuel search: One of the major problems that the truck drivers face during the journey is fuel. They have to find out the best fuel price for their trucks. With the help of this app, they can track the nearby places where they can avail the fuel at reasonable rates.

· Avail the parking: Via this app, truck drivers can easily track for the parking availability at the truck stops so that they can easily park their trucks and relax for some time.

· Select the best route: The best part is that they can conveniently choose the best route that perfectly fits their trip schedule.

· Get ready for severe weather: The truck drivers can also get a weather forecast and can prepare themselves accordingly

· Low clearance roads: This app will also show them the roads with low clearance and the low bridges, which can cause damage to the truck and trailer.

· Track the rest areas They can also look up for the rest areas in case they are exhausted enough and need some rest

· Nearby weigh stations: The truck drivers can also go for the nearby weigh stations where the weight of your truck will be inspected.

· Emergency repair: In case the truck has broken down and needs repair, drivers can also find the emergency truck repair services on the road.

It used to be a major concern that Truckbubba app required continuous use of GPS to offer services. That lead to a lot of battery drain and the app cannot be used without power plugged in. However, with the app’s new power saving technology, you need not to worry about the battery drain while using it. The Truckbubba app is free to download and use. For iPhone, download the app from the App Store and for Android devices, download it from the Google Play.