The Writer’s Curse

It is the curse of every writer that they should through the process of the execution of their craft expose themselves in a usually private and very fundamental way. That is to say they are placing on display the mechanisms by which they weigh and measure the values of the various quantities of moral or subjective consequences that can arise from their perception of how they see the world when they interact with it.

Writing is like that. It lays us bare. It exposes the inner workings behind the curtain of our mind usually reserved only for ourselves to know. It does this by showing how we think through the demonstration of the relevance of context. What we choose to write about and the passion we lay into it describe the context by which we understand the thing because we are attempting to telegraph the awareness we have out beyond ourselves in the same way we understand it internally.

Social pressures can prevent us from being true to ourselves in that way, often we will reflect a given mindset rather than telegraph our own. Yet writing can be a solitary enterprise, and alone with our thoughts our contexts tend to reveal themselves. It is the process of telegraphing ourselves into the intentions and ideas we which to convey that allow us to be revealed.

By this I mean writing doesn’t become actual writing until we allow ourselves to become injected into it. We can parrot other peoples ideas all day long but that doesn’t truly make it our writing until we ourselves bleed into it. When this happens is when we expose ourselves, when this happens the ideas crystalize and the meaning folds itself into the intention.

It’s not a consequence of our ability to articulate or lack of it. Good writing isn’t about diction or vocabulary or rules, it’s about us. It’s about who we are as people and how we see ourselves in context to a thing in the moment we perceive it. It is that which defines it’s beauty as a work of artistic expression.

The writers curse is the absence of self preservation. To truly express the depth to which we have for an idea we have to achieve the highest degree of reckless abandon. There is no other course. If you can’t be honest to yourself about yourself it becomes impossible to be honest about anyone else. Writing is of course self reflective, if we can't believe the thing we see in the mirror then we can’t expect anyone else to either.

It is possible for two people to be on opposite sides of a street and witness the same event yet believe entirely different things about what happened. That is the consequence of relative perception and the basis of the idea that truth itself can be subjective. While both people can be said to have watched the same event the can equally be said to have watched different events simultaneously, and what they believe happened has as much to do with themselves and their proclivity to a given interpretation of the events as it does with what they actually saw.

Writing gives up those proclivities for public scrutiny because perception begets our concept of reality, that’s often what makes it such difficult yet worth while endeavor. Words are something we empower the moment we use them, their power is not defined by others, they mean what we want them to mean to us. Great writing allows others to see the words the way we do even when they don’t know what they all mean, the intention will define their meaning for them if we have done our job well enough.

We should feel free to make up our own words because how we express meaning is less relevant than the ideas we intend to convey. What matters most is the intention and the clarity we allow ourselves to express by investing ourselves in what we are trying to say. We can warp and weave the words and meaning to our will when the rules become a rough sketch and the ideas and intentions we wish to convey become the primary framework. Words are just a medium, writers work with ideas and those ideas are a reflection of who the writer is as a person.

It’s not really a curse from a certain point of view though, in many ways it can be a blessing to express oneself to the fullest extent of their abilities. Again we come back to the relevance of the subjectivity of truth. The writers curse might be something sought by people who feel the burning need to express themselves through the medium of thought and idea, and that doesn’t invalidate the fact that it’s a curse, again, from a certain point of view.

Use the words any way you wish but use them honestly, use them with an intention that maps to your inner model of that which you believe to be true and map it accurately, otherwise their was no real point in the first place.

Perhaps it is a curse that is best left unbroken. Maybe it isn’t a question to be answered or a riddle to be solved. Perhaps it is the way it is because that’s how it needs to be, because that’s who we need to be and we need to have the courage to take the risk and put ourselves out there. Damn the torpedoes and all that may come with them.