Last week, Figma Chicago held our 2nd Meetup, titled “Optimizing for Collaboration in Figma”. This is a recap of the event.

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The evening was hosted at Industrious in River North, and started off with networking and food. Our first Meetup was about switching from Sketch to Figma, so I decided to make our second one about why it works so well as a collaborative tool.

If you couldn’t make it, please sign up and get notified when our next event is!

Who am I? My name is Trucy Phan and I’m one of the co-organizers of Figma Chicago. I’ve worked as a designer and developer at BlinkTag, Drop, Plate IQ, and Ample. …


Trucy Phan

Lead Product Designer, Design Systems @addepar and Figma Community Advocate, Chicago. @recursecenter alum, meticulous grapefruit peeler.

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