How technology controls us.

I think we’ve heard this way too much.This epidemic that we have succumbed to. I recently encountered a situation where this theory proved to be true. Many of us know the impact technology has created in our lives. There’s no escape from it anymore. It has basically become a necessity but at times we really have to learn to stop texting or trying to tell the world about our life through pictures and just experience the world ourselves. As easy as it may sound it’s quite difficult for some people to follow. We have become so used to being in our comfort zone, in our homes, with an air conditioner that is needed because of global warming, because of our exploitation of what we’ve been given . We don’t want to do much about it, we want to tweet about it, our value seems to based on the double taps that people ironically don't think about twice. We are the generation that sometimes just can’t focus on what’s happening in front of us . We want to make sure that other people know that we have a social life, the we go out even though we basically go out to take fancy pictures that take up most of our time.This world we live in is so beautiful, it’s so chaotic and peaceful at the same time, there's nothing wrong with learning from the internet but there is something way to wrong when we are living in the internet.

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