How to Feed a Baby And Keep Your Sanity
Leslie Loftis

I was fortunate. My baby, who will be 39 this year, hated anything with sugar in it. The first solid food he would eat was pumpkin, straight out of the can. But then I kept him on formula til he was almost a year old. The thinking then was you could avoid the formation of fat cells in their little bodies the longer you could keep them off solid food, but eventually I had to give in, as the poor child was hungry!

Once he discovered pumpkin, beets and spinach it was all he wanted. Later he fell in love with bananas, but it was the only fruit he’d eat, until he was about 3.

For some reason I had a bunch of tiny individual boxes of cereal like Fruit Loops, etc. when he was about 2. He refused to eat them, but he’d play with them for hours!

Now he’s very tall — 6'4" and has to keep an eye on his weight like everybody else in the family. But weirdly, his favorite snack is canned spinach, cold, and his daughters ages 11 and 12 love it too. The only vestige left of my war against fat cells.

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