I find it disturbing when a teachers’ union leader in Tennessee sits in front of a camera and says that “some parents are not capable of determining” where their children should go to school.
Ryan Huber

In 1973 in the Harvard Educational Review Hillary Rodham wrote that children should be liberated from “the empire of the father.” She continued, explaining that the traditional nuclear family structure undermined the best interests of children. She equated the family and marriage with slavery and the Indian Reservation system imposed by white European conquerors. Here’s the important quote: “Decisions about motherhood and abortion, schooling, cosmetic surgery, treatment of venereal disease, or employment, and others where the decision or lack of one will significantly affect a child’s future should not be made unilaterally by parents.”

While this could be explained away as youthful exuberance in a newfound ideology, in the case of Mrs. Clinton it is clear from her actions since then in supporting feminist ideology and her book, It Takes a Village that she still believes families are a significant barrier to the Progressive cause.

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