Leaving Facebook for Good

This morning I finally had enough. I usually check FB first thing, right after my coffee has cooled enough to drink. Lately it’s been pretty dull. Except for the few posts from family on vacation and a handful of friends who always manage to post something interesting, mostly it’s been those tedious memes about you only live once and etcetera, worthless “helpful hints” and reruns of old stuff from last week, last month, last decade. This happens every summer.

I’d been thanking the Powers That Be that the majority of my FB friends seemed to have managed to avoid the excesses of the political ugliness extant, but then several people, right after the other, posted some of the most hateful, vulgar stuff imaginable. That was when I decided I couldn’t do this anymore.

Now, these are all fully literate adults, with solid careers, good standing in their real-world communities and no apparent psychological problems, but somehow they thought it amusing to post garbage regarding innocent women and children who’d never done them any harm.

Before the political saturation of everything in social media, I’m sure they would no sooner have posted this vicious nonsense than they would pornography or dirty jokes, but because they happen to disagree with one politician or another, they seem to think this kind of behavior is now permissible. They would not print these kinds of things and post them on the bulletin board at work, I’m sure.

A year ago, I unfriended a couple of people who posted similar hate messages because I found their ugly talk offensive, but I really don’t have the time or energy to deal with that on the scale I’d need to today. I have over 1000 FB friends, and monitoring, rather than simply reading and enjoying my news feed would be a chore I don’t care to take on. For some reason I don’t fully understand, a lot of people have forgotten that just because you can say anything you want about anybody, doesn’t mean you should. Basic values of decency and respect seem to have been lost.

I don’t expect anyone’s behavior to improve, so the best thing for me and my peace of mind is simply to get out of the cesspool that Facebook has become.

I’ll miss my friends in other parts of the world, who always give me another perspective, and tell me about places and things I didn’t know. I’ll miss hearing about my Michigan friends, their travels and grandkids. There’s plenty more that I’ll miss — after all, I’ve been on FB since 2006 — but I refuse to spend the first hours of my day disgusted and disappointed that people I know can be so stupid, so crude.

I’ll be canceling my account in a few days, to allow the message to get to my friends who don’t check Facebook every day. This is Friday, after all. After that, I’m gone.

It was fun for a while, but it’s over.

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