Endless Chatter. When Do We Start Solving?
Leslie Loftis

Retaking respect for Men and Boys — yes, there is an idea here!

All men, and by association boys, were deemed to be “the enemy” in the early 1960s, by female writers who called themselves feminists. Many of them have since been outed as political operatives, intent on changing the fabric of society in the Anglosphere for purposes of establishing their odious Progressive or Totalitarian government.

In the last fifty years, women and men both have been taken in by these feminists-in-name-only, believing in their conspiracy theory of the feared “patriarchy” that was intent on “keeping women down.”

“We need equality!” they claim, deliberately hiding the real evidence of the full success of the earlier, bona fide Women’s Rights Movement, which had established the right to vote, and women’s right to their own property by 1920. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 guaranteed equal pay for equal work, which should have been the culmination of the Women’s Rights Movement, if it was in fact, an actual movement to advance the cause of rights previously denied to women. I think almost all Conservatives, Libertarians, and maybe those few centrists who still exist recognize the tendency of the left to declare a variety of things which are not actually rights guaranteed in the Constitution to be rights anyway, just because they say so.

Because Progressivism does not recognize people as individuals, and has no special consideration for or interest in women’s issues per se, the new “feminists” have been allowed free rein to fully evolve into a massive hate movement, intent on causing as much damage to males of all ages as possible. As Leslie Loftis has said, feminists are the useful idiots of the left.

I’ve been writing about these topics since 2000, and now it may finally be possible to combat some of the damage done. That is the reason I began writing about these topics again, here on Medium. I know there’s still a lot of fear extant, because the feminist political machine is deeply entrenched in media, education, and the non-profit sector as well as government.

Still, we can see their work beginning to be questioned, and so it’s a good time to start thinking of practical actions that can be taken.

My experience has been primarily with the domestic violence industry, so of course repeal of VAWA would be first on my list. It is a major funding source for feminist indoctrination activities. As Ron Collins has pointed out, the various grantees and VAWA-established agencies have frequently been questioned on their management of funds. This is not even to mention the clear sexist nature of the operations, or their near-total lack of effectiveness.

It has been reauthorized several times, mostly rubber-stamped until 2012, when it faced some serious resistance. (Phyllis Schlafly tried to get me in to testify to the committee in 2005, (date?) but she was told, as she’d been told in the past that only positive testimony would be allowed.)

At the local level, those who participate in community affairs can work to eliminate any locally-funded organization that engages in anti-male, anti-family activities. I was on the funding panel three times for my local United Way, most recently in 2010, and I could see questions being asked about the effectiveness of a women’s shelter, along with votes to defund. So if that happened here, in my little town, it surely is happening elsewhere. Many shelters are also directly funded by municipalities, counties, and state governments.

These are simple suggestions that will take a lot of work, but today it may well be possible to succeed. There are organizations such as the Independent Women’s Forum and PJMedia, just to name a couple, who may be interested in this idea if we could come up with some sort of action plan.

…and that’s my two cents!

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