My Not-So-Secret Zillow Addiction
Debbie Galant

We had to do the Zillow thing for real — for nearly 18 months! We were looking for a property with two houses, one for our son’s family, and one for my husband and myself. Also Trulia, and Real I am SO glad that is all over! It’s a whole different ballgame when you also have to do the followup, go and look, talk to people, etc. Almost all the listings were nothing like the properties represented online. Or had listing errors like wrong addresses, wrong price, already sold, etc. You have to look, tho, because 9 times out of 10 your real estate agent does not.

It was a dragged-out, not-fun experience that all parties are glad to be done with. BTW — we ended up buying an empty lot and are putting the houses on it. Another adventure, I’m sure, but at least we know where we’ll be someday!

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