How much money in total are we talking about, here?
Kady M.

When VAWA was first passed in 1994, it allocated $1.5 billion dollars over five years for the basic framework, which included DV coalitions in each state. It has been reauthorized three times since then, with expansions in the things it does. So probably more basic money by now.

There are about 2000 women’s shelters across the US. These are funded partially with federal money, (often using what are known as STOP grants from the Office on Violence Against Women) partially with local funding from states and municipalities, some United Ways and other private granting organizations , and some individual fundraising.

Shelter funding amounts and sources vary widely according to location.

“Following the money” in this case is very, very difficult as anything having to do with the DV industry is almost impossible to quantify. There is no set of rules on the things a shelter can or will do, and a “best practices” statement I’ve been able to find does not relate at all to the practicalities.

It’s all about the ideology, and very little else. I’m sure, though, that the money sent down this particular rabbit hole was already in the multiple billions of dollars when I began as an activist in 2000.

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