If feminist ideology ever had any hand in this pathetic un-manning of manhood, it was achieved generations ago, in the upbringings and educations of young men now long since in their adult years, to believe and to internalize the idea that women are perennial victims and that today’s men owe all womanhood some sort of historic retribution to pay back our sisters for the way our great-grandmothers allegedly had to live.
Oftentimes what I have to add to any discussion or critique on feminism, is to reiterate my overall…
Ron Collins

Yep, and that was the point. Divide and conquer! I’ll have to dig around in my newfound Lenin resource and see if I can find the article where he says (circa 1911) something to the effect that if they can destroy the Western family, then they will have conquered the world, or something like that. I had it once in hard copy, then lent it to a colleague at a men’s rights conference & never saw it again. But that is the point of the whole thing.

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