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True Tamplin
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True Tamplin with #1 Bestselling Book Raising An Executive

Looking for a Keynote Speaker Los Angeles?

True Tamplin is a former athlete, actor, bestselling author, and keynote speaker.

When he was 13 years old, his father Ken Tamplin was offered to become the lead singer for Journey. Although it was the opportunity of a lifetime, the Journey contract required him to be on tour for 5 years (which would cause Ken to leave his family during some very formative years). Ken weighed the costs and decided to be a father instead of a Rockstar.

True went on to have several early successes including covering the local newspaper several times, gaining a full-ride soccer scholarship to his school of choice, maintaining a 4.0 GPA Suma Cum Laude, giving his graduation speech, creating a successful online marketing and data analytics company, writing a #1 bestselling book Raising An Executive, and keynote speaking to countless universities, businesses, and organizations (all by the age of 22 years old!).

True is utterly convinced that these early successes would not have come had his dad chosen his career over his family. True’s story has become his plea for fathers to spend more time investing in their sons.

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One of The Best Keynote Speakers Los Angeles

Few of the best keynote speakers in Los Angeles can accomplish all three goals of a keynote speech: educate, entertain, and inspire. One should make sure the keynote speaker doesn’t sacrifice education for more entertainment and inspiration (and vice versa).

This is where True Tamplin really shines. He is a natural educator and entertainer who doesn’t get distracted from the purpose of his talk.

All parents in the audience are guaranteed to learn new ways to relate with and motivate their children to outperform their peers and continue the family’s legacy.

Here’s an example:

True frequently helps parents overcome the Charlie Brown effect (you know, the one that caused Charlie Brown to hear his teacher say “Wuh wah wuh wah wuah wuah…”).

First, you need to acknowledge that this phenomenon is real, and is due to the fact that parents don’t have the #1 quality that makes teens listen to someone: coolness.

Once you acknowledge that fact, you can begin to find someone who is cool that shares your values: a mentor one stage of life ahead of your child who is exactly who you want your son or daughter to be in a few years.

If you just tell your son “no” to the skate park, it won’t work — you need to replace the skate park with a better, cooler influence.

Now imagine True teaching the crowd this principle, infused with stories that make the audience roar.

Did the crowd learn an invaluable principle about how raise their kiddos? Absolutely.

Were they entertained and even inspired by a very actionable takeaway (namely, acknowledge the Charlie Brown effect, and go get them a mentor)? Once again, absolutely.

This is merely one of dozens of principles found in True’s #1 Bestselling Book, Raising An Executive. The principles in this book were designed to also be formatted for fun keynote speeches.

Don’t let your next event be without True’s uncanny ability to infuse his keynotes with all 3 goals of a keynote speech.

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