An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Talia Jane you did the right thing. The 1st thing everyone forgets is she works for Yelp. Yelp’s main job is to publicly put viewers thoughts online. So Yelp ?When your employee exercises the very right you claim all people have.. you fire her? Yelp post million of reviews on businesses whether they are true or false. Competitors post false reviews and they read it and laugh.Yelp is Killing businesses finances. @itsa_talia has been working in customer service this is what she see everyday and this is what she has been trained as the correct way to address matters. Yelp refuses to remove reviews noowwww doesn’t feel so good. It’s Karma yelp.Yelps gives members perks to write bad reviews so now Yelps it’s just a business review on line with a brightlight. Your employee does this you don’t like it….hmmmm. Youve built your business on this.I am asking all business owners who have been ask by Yelp to pay to take down reviews come in now to take stand behind this young lady. Yes if you pay they will remove them.Clients curse and they still leave them up. Yelp does this to business owners everyday. Please follow this account and let’s support her because she hasn’t done anything wrong. Million of business owners or tormented daily and you get one letter public and you end her job. We need to back her on this.

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