An Open Letter to Federal Judge Laura Taylor Swain!

Finally, The U.S. Government, by legislating PROMESA and creating the FSFB and demanding austerity programs, cuts and economic policies without a strong and robust economic development and job creation program are coercing and forcing the exodus of the Puerto Rican society to stratospheric levels. Dismembering families and pushing them to seek “the American dream” in the states of the Union. In the last two years alone 240,000 have left the archipelago affecting government revenues drastically. This exodus weakens further a dying economic environment reducing the tax base and government income. The values of real estate have fallen between 40 to 60% affecting the capacity to lend of six banks. The International Criminal Court recognizes coercive acts and public policies, including economic, that forced massive numbers of population to move from their place of origin a crime against humanity. Specifically, Article 7 (1) (d) “Crime against humanity of deportation or forcible transfer of population”. The United Nations Human Rights division, the Organization of American State, the U.S. Department of State and the International Criminal Court have been advise of the plight of the people of Puerto Rico.

Imposing higher tariffs of electricity, water and more taxes will fuel massive population exodus with catastrophic effects and dismembering further the people of Puerto Rico. I know that you probably have the most difficult job in our Nation. But making the people of Puerto Rico pay for the corruption and wast of more than $27 billions by elected and appointed officials for the trust that they gave them at the ballot box is not an option. All the Presidential Task Forces appointed by The White House since George H.W. Bush have recommended that Puerto Rico must deal with the status issue. A policy of patches is not the solution. As Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “It is always the right moment to do the right thing!’ God bless you!


Franklin D. López

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