About True Group Inc.

Jul 31 · 2 min read

True Group Inc’s products are aimed at simplifying trust and truth in the digital world.

We have developed a data integrity solution to prevent and detect fake videos, fake photos, fake audio, fake credentials, fake identity and fake products using AI, ML, Computer vision and Blockchain.

Our Mission is to “Prevent data tampering, eliminate fraud and reduce operational inefficiencies

Here is a list of our products:

TrueDAT is a platform to prevent and detect fake videos, photos and audio. Our tamper-proof camera app (for iOS) prevents media (videos , photos and audio) tampering by adding AI-powered watermarks and Blockchain timestamps. It uses our TrueCerts data integrity platform and our EulerCoin blockchain. Our media forensics platform uses AI, ML and computer vision techniques to detect media tampering and identify fakes.

Here’s a running list of fakes, showing the immediate necessity of TrueDAT platform. Also, follow our weekly updates about fakes at thisweekinfakes.com

TrueCerts is an Enterprise-grade Blockchain-powered Data Integrity solution. It enables businesses (fintech, legal, healthcare, insurance, real-estate, AI and data analytics, autonomous cars) to securely capture, store and authenticate a tamper-proof provenance of digital data in their apps, platforms, systems, products, transactions and business processes. This helps them detect data tampering, reduce fraud and operational costs and prove data integrity to their business partners and auditors.

TrueCerts plays a crucial role in preventing future college admissions scandals. Dr. Kintali’s personal incidents motivated the development of TrueCerts platform.

TrueAPI is our data integrity API for developers. It uses our TrueCerts data integrity platform and our EulerCoin blockchain.

EulerCoin is our blockchain with efficient and tamper-proof time-stamping with minimum transaction fees and ASIC-resistant mining.

Our customers include the following:

  • Journalists, Media companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Political Campaign groups
  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement agencies and detectives
  • NGOs
  • Lawyers
  • Camera manufacturers
  • Online websites / platforms interested in preventing fake videos/audio/photos/products on their website / platforms. Eg: Social media companies, e-commerce companies, adult websites.
  • Manufacturing and supply chain companies interested in detecting data tampering, reduce fraud and reduce operational costs.
  • Universities, employers and sports centers interested in issuing tamper-proof credentials and verifying them efficiently.

If you are interested in using our products / partnering with us, please contact us through this form.

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