Latest development onTrueChain mainnet

The debugging tasks on part of functional modules finished

  1. Last week, the mainnet team completed the functional debugging of the pbft-server module.
  2. The functional debugging task of mainnet’s mining module has completed.
  3. Mainnet’s fast chain module passed the functional debugging tests, which conforms to the standard of mainnet.

Continue to improve the debugging of algorithms

  1. This week, TrueChain mainnet team continues to complete the Bifurcation process of the slow chain.

2. The commission election algorithm of TrueChain’s mainnet will be further improved and implemented.

3. The mainnet team will conduct debugging work on mining difficulty algorithm and mining algorithm.

Upcoming the docking work among the connectors of smart contract

  1. In the second half of this week, the mainnet team will begin to encapsulate the RPC and API interface.
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