TrueChain Weekly | 2018.10.29.~11.04.

The vision of TrueChain is to create a fair and transparent blockchain business world. We firmly believe that the technology of TrueChain will effectively reshape the business ecology and will not disappoint everyone’s support and expectation. We will always uphold the belief of “The initial heart is unchanged, and the progress is visible.” and continue to strive for excellence in all aspects.

TrueChain team still has a full passion this week, we’d like to share the progress of 2018.10.29–11.04 with the fans of TRUE.

Technique progress

The latest progresses on TrueChain Beta mainnet

1. We continue to complete the unit testing of each module, and make sure the testing cover more modules.

2. The testing of smart contract connector has been finished, a new round of testing on Beta mainnet starts, and we make preparation for the DAPP testing.

3. PBFT code of the new architecture are completed, in the meantime, we completed new functions such as View Change, etc.

Developer platform

As a representative of the third generation high — performance and decentralized public blockchain project, TrueChain is actively working on the layout of a third generation public blockchain ecology based on TrueChain.

Easy DAPP is TrueChain’s self innovated developer’s platform, it’s very simple and easy to use, It could better serve developers to develop, deploy, and manage smart contract, and build their own DAPP, currently, easy DAPP has enters the integration phase, product designing and planning has already completed and will start coding this week.


1.TrueChain Vietnam community director Paul attended social night in Singapore, projects like Kardiachain also participated.

2.TrueChain global meetup tour held in Seoul, Korea on October 31th, a lot of blockchain elites attended the event and discussed the current situation of blockchain industry in China, the prospect of Korea blockchain market and we introduced TrueChain to all the audiences.

3.On November 1th, TrueChain Vietnam community manager Trung attended OKEX global meetup tour in Hanoi, He made a speech about the advantages of TrueChain’s hybrid consensus technology and mining on Beta mainnet.

Community development

  1. On the evening of oct 29, TrueChain Vietnam community director Paul hosted a live stream on facebook and invited founder of Kardiachain, Crypto Japan and OKEX Vietnamese community manager to participate in the live stream. The live stream was watched by 5,000 people and Shared by more than 400 people.

2. TrueChain held an offline meetup on October 31th in Vietnam, and we shared TrueChain’s hybrid consensus technology and TrueChain mining with TrueChain community, investor, trader.