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Viewers of KIMT-TV in Mason City, Iowa, may or may not have noticed the absence of anchor Jodi Huisentruit on the morning of June 27, 1995, but her co-workers certainly did. [1]

Jodi wasn’t the type to just skip out on work. So when Jodi still wasn’t on set when the cameras started rolling on the 6 o’clock morning news broadcast, KIMT-TV employees knew something was very wrong.

But they didn’t expect to still be wondering where Jodi is more than 25 years later.

Something is Amiss

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Jodi Huisentruit — Source:

Jodi Huisentruit typically showed up for work between the ungodly hours of three and four in the morning. Since it wasn’t entirely unlike her to get to the studio a bit late, no one was surprised when she didn’t come bounding through the door at 3 a.m., …

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DJ Fickey — Source: News Channel 9

Law enforcement is tasked with protecting the public and bringing the bad guys to justice. It’s frustrating, then, when they fail to do so. It’s even more frustrating when law enforcement refuses to acknowledge its mistakes and won’t try to right its wrongs for reasons of pride.

Some homicide cases are complicated and it’s difficult to decipher all of the facts. …

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Amber Tuccaro — Source: Northern Plains Freelancer

I think we can all agree that video and audio recordings significantly increase the creepiness factor of a case. The disappearance of Canadian woman Amber Tuccaro is extremely disconcerting, thanks to a short snippet of audio in which Amber can be heard asking the man who was driving her where they were headed.

Amber knew the man wasn’t taking her where she wanted to go. You could hear the desperation and growing fear in her voice.

Ten years later, this case hasn’t been solved, in large part because the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) didn’t investigate when they should have.

This story will infuriate you because of the police’s complete indifference to Amber’s disappearance. …


The True Crime Times

My name is Julie Fidler. I’m a writer, author, wife, and cat mom. I shed light on unsolved mysteries.

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