Good afternoon.
Recently, an active activity of scammers posing as a TrueDonate team and trying to raise money on behalf of our project was noticed.

At the moment, the project does not carry out fund-raising activities. Check the information you see on our official website and be careful.

If there are updates, we will tell you about this here and on our website.

Yours faithfully,
The TrueDonate Team


Today the TrueDonate team is launching a series of analytical articles in which we will share with you the experience of working in the field of Blockchain. Each of the articles will be written by the appropriate specialist. We hope this will be useful and interesting information for you. The first article will be launched by Mikhail, head of the online marketing department of the TrueDonate platform.

“Hello! First I will tell a little about myself, my name is Michael and I’m an expert on traffic attraction for start-ups and innovative projects. Any new project, I always start with…

Good day!

Today we are pleased to announce that all funds received at the Pre-ICO have been successfully returned to investors. We are grateful for the support of our project, and as a sign of this each investor received an additional bonus to the amount of his investments.

As we already mentioned earlier, we decided to abandon the ICO, and at the moment the TrueDonate platform is being processed according to the new concept. And very soon we will present our service to you in a completely new vision.

Stay tuned for updates.

Kind regards,
The TrueDonate team


I am Nikolay Perkov, CEO of TrueDonate, and I have important news for you.

We visited Blockchain conferences in many countries around the world, found a lot of contacts, learned people’s opinions about our project and got important experience. This led us to rethink the concept of our project. Fundraising is a rapidly developing sphere, and modern technologies contribute to this development. We found that niche in which our project will really be in demand and relevant.

The concept, structure and functionality of our project is being radically revised and improved. Soon we will show you what we came…

Surely, many of you have heard that Dubai plans to become the capital of blockchain technology. Probably, this city will be the first in the world, the infrastructure management of which will be implemented on the basis of Blockchain technology.

It was there, on 24 and 25 October, the World Blockchain Summit, which brought together all the important players in the global industry, Blockchain and Crypto-currency. The TrueDonate project presented its stand, and also participated in the discussion with head of the project Nikolai Perkov as the speaker

The first day of the World Blockchain Summit met us with excellent…


TrueDonate and Confideal project announce a partnership! We bring to your attention the press release of the Confideal project, in which you can learn more about our partnership. Read their website and write in the comments, what do you think?

Below is the press release by the Confideal project.

Original —

“Being experts in fundraising and smart contracts, Confideal and TrueDonate will cooperate to make sure that each platform shares the best features with each other.

For the fundraising process, a unique legal framework is required to protect donors and ensure control over the targeted use of the…

October is a very good time for holding various business meetings, no matter where they are. This autumn we have already visited St. Petersburg and Almaty, and now we have reached Kiev.

BBC 2017 — Bitcoin Blockchain conference, gathered a blockchain of enthusiasts, miners and investors from Europe and CIS countries. We met a lot of people who offered their interesting solutions in the Blockchain field, and were also interested in our project, looking for common ground for their business and applying our ideas in practice. …

Cryptocurrency is slowly but sure becoming an everyday part of our lives. We have prepared 5 interesting deals and ways to apply your cryptocurrencies.

1. 10000 Bitcoin pizza

May 18, 2010 a bitcointalk forum user ‘laszlo’ invited other users to buy or make him two large pizzas in exchange for 10,000 bitcoins, which at that time was equivalent to $ 41. The deal was quite reasonable and after a few days, a user posted a message saying that he had made the pizza.

An interesting fact is that only after 7 years the cost of 10,000 bitcoins increased from $…

We arrived in Almaty, Kazakhstan in the evening. Having got off the plane, we went by taxi to a city surrounded by high mountains and picturesque landscapes. Almaty is a very beautiful city, there is a ski resort, located on magnificent mountains, one of the largest canyons in the world and many other attractions that are worth seeing. Arriving at the hotel, we tried the local cuisine: pilaf, shish kebab and sausage from horse meat. And the next morning we went to the Blockchain conference.


The conference had speeches by world-class experts from companies such as IBM, PwC and Sberbank…

Hello! Today I would like to tell you about the Blockchain Life conference in St. Petersburg, Russia — the largest CIS conference on Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO.

Blockchain Life 2017

The conference brought together more than 1,000 people, a lot of projects entering ICO, blockchain-evangelists and specialists in this field. The conference hall stage had speakers on the whole day, discussions were held, investors found interesting projects for themselves. Among the speakers was even an adviser of the Russian president on Internet issues Herman Klimenko.


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