CHER Eco City — The First True Eco City

Gourmet & Fashion Galore

Enter your Best Horse

All Weather Racing

Equine Center — Horse Racing, Polo, Equestrian

3D High Resolution Drone LIVE

Stem Cell & Anti-Aging Therapy and Equine Assisted Therapy


Big Payout

Integrated Resort & Casino

Crypto-currency Accepted

“ Citizens throughout the world seek opportunities to live and work in communities where they are able to fulfill their dreams. Communities of this sort require visionaries able to identify the best technologies and people available to create a livable environment, conscientiously developed. Wilson Chin and his team have recognized the need, and, after doing so, they are now leading the charge.

The CHER EcoCity team clearly embraces the mantra: Go forth and treat our earth with honor. “

Amb. R James Woolsey

fmr CIA Director