Only The Best Are At CHER ECO CITY

3D Drone Swarm technology puts LIVE Sports broadcast in a different light

Meet JAMES, your personal drone butler at CHER ECO CITY. He fetches your favorite food and drinks. He is your constant companion . He talks to you. You will never be alone

‘Follow Me Drone’ follows you wherever you go, filming memorable moments

‘VR Drone’ puts you at the cockpit for an exhilarating experience. Watch your favorite sport, watch your favorite horse in 3D.

CHER ECO CITY, the forefront in ECO, Economic sustainability, Sports, Luxury, Fashion, Health, Gourmet, Blockchain Technology, brings the future to today. (whitepaper within)

“CHER Eco City takes digital media to levels of height equal to the Summit of Mt. Everest

with the latest Live Streaming Drone-Swarm technology broadcast of their sporting events, which will include exciting polo matches by the Word’s leading Polo teams, Equestrian Training/Events and Horse Racing.

A true Eco City, bringing together elements of humanitarianism, investment in the Economy of Emerging Countries of the World, ALL with Zero Carbon Emissions. CHER Eco City Nepal is the first in the chain of Eco Cities and an example of what can be done when the right team, with the right purpose merge. Bravo to Pan Pacific Finance Group for taking the lead to bring us a city of the future NOW.”

Larry King

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