The utmost use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it.

An ultra luxury Eco-city absolute with lifestyle-driven features to meet today’s young urbanite’s expectations, promises luxury living in the comforts of the city with excellent relaxation, leisure facilities and offers a panoramic view of majestic Mountains.

Cher Eco-city: The ultimate epicenter of luxury amenities and fine living with premier shopping complexes, International Casino, exclusive 5 star Hotel, restaurants, Luxury villas and Condos.

A complete Sports Center, a Horse Center, a Luxury Center includes Horse Racing, Polo, Equestrian, Golf, Formula E, Poker and Mahjong Tournaments.

A Complete Health Center with stem cell therapy, equestrian Treatment and health spa to help improve lifestyle, achieve wellness and good energy, balancing and rejuvenating your mind and body.

A go green Project for development of economically sustainable eco-city utilizing Non-renewable source of energy.

Invest in CHER token, An Enhanced crypto Token that can be used to buy goods and services at CHER Eco-city. The CHE token is programmed to Increase its value over the time.

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