Hi, everyone!

We’re still here and alive :) Thanks for your trust, we really appreciate it!

We’ve raised more than $1,3 mln during the fist hour of True Flip’s crowdsale. Over 900 BTCs have been collected by this moment — so be quick in case you’re interested in the 30% bonus!

And actually there are over 550 co-owners of True Flip now!


All the purchased TFLs have been successfully allocated on the smart contract, so please be sure there are no problems with your participation — regardless of separate issues many of you have faced.

It seems, we’ve just fixed the issue with displaying your purchased TFLs in the Investor profiles. Go take a look, it should work now!

In general, we have 3 groups of participants:

1. Those who sent ETH directly to smart contract — they’ve already received TFL tokens. If not, follow the instruction below to add a custom token and get your TFLs:
- go to Myetherwallet.com
- find the option to add a custom token (in the right bottom)
- add the following data:
- address: 0xa7f976C360ebBeD4465c2855684D1AAE5271eFa9
- Token symbol: TFL
- decimals: 8

(http://take.ms/0wvwQ http://take.ms/eNz0e)

2. Those paying with other coins, who had added an ETH wallet adress for withdrawal. In a few hours we’ll provide you with the guidance on receiving TFLs through the smart contract.

3. Those with a payment sent, but with no (or a wrong) ETH-wallet attached to their True Flip account. Instructions for tokens withdrawal will be provided within the next 2–3 days (or less).

So, please don’t worry! You will definitely recieve everything, if not yet.

We keep on working to make True Flip the one best lottery on the planet!

P.S. While launching the crowdsale, we faced one more awesome scammers attack. They started spamming our social networks with tons of fraud messages, fake trueflip accounts and so on. Pfff, no worries, guys. It took us 3 minutes to solve this. No damage neither any funds lost. Be aware and rely only on trusted sources please :)

True Flip Team

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