TFL distribution

Hello there!

We’re up with some improvements into the upcoming TrueFlip’s ICO. Considering the latest contributions of our advisers, we’ve decided to change the token quantity from 1 mln to 21 mln — to make it more attractive for the subsequent allocation on exchanges. The overall cap is not changing and has been distributed within the new quantity (now the price is BTC 0,0005 per one TFL token — 1/21 of the pervious value), so participating in the crowdsale is even easier now. For those luckies who took part in the pre-sale: NO NEED TO WORRY;) Of course, your tokens will be proportionally converted to reach the same percentage of the whole amount — before the ICO takes place. We hope this small improvement helps us build an even more attractive product and a sustainable community of token holders. Practically that means a much more comfortable environment and flexibility for our potential token holders.

Last but not least: as you have probably noticed, we now have exactly the same amount of tokens as Bitcoin itself has. Let this play the role of our mascot!

The ICO will start on June 28, 12:00 UTC. We look forward to meet you all among the crowd!

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