9 Mobile App Development Outsourcing Mistakes

If you want to create a cost-effective smartphone app, outsourcing is a very good idea. But, the first and foremost need of outsourcing is to choose a mobile development company or agency which can actually put the best efforts to bring your smartphone app idea into reality. It especially becomes a crucial task when you are outsourcing your mobile app projects to a company for the very first time. Therefore, you need to be very careful because if you hire a wrong mobile application development outsourcing partner then it might cost you a lot.

Based on the research and case studies, I found below 9 outsourcing mistakes that are commonly made by people while hiring an outsourcing agency. You must learn from these mistakes and avoid making them while hiring a successful mobile application development firm.

Mistake #1: Lack of proper Communication with the outsourcing Partner

Would you like to hire a mobile app development agency which doesn’t understand your mobile app requirements? Obviously, Not!

For the exact and proper explanation of your mobile application requirements, effective communication is necessary. It is essential that the outsourcing team understand what you want to say, so that you get the expected results at the completion of the project.

There may be some differences such as language, culture etc that may affect the communication. To avoid this mistake, you should initially start a little communication about your project via. Emails or Skype. If possible, place a phone call or video call to check whether you can effectively communicate with the outsourcing firm or not.

Mistake #2: Neglecting the Differences of Time Zones

Because you are working in a global marketplace, time zone difference can be a major hurdle and sometimes it becomes a matter of tension. If you have outsourced your project to the location of different time zones, it becomes hard to find them online when you are available. It may cause you to wait even for a whole day or until next day, to get your issues and queries resolved. Also, the time zone differences can spoil your whole planning and cause the unexpected delay in project completion due to the lack of timely communication.

To neglect the time zone differences, try to select an outsourcing team with similar time zones. In case if you are outsourcing a company of different time zones, make sure it is flexible and able to manage the communication accordingly.

Mistake #3: Insufficient Research about Outsourcing Partner

Sometimes the decision taken in a hurry may cause the unpredicted results, which I think you would never want. Some developers just take a look at a few companies and finalize any of them without going deep into the research. This insufficient research often becomes a big mistake and might lead to an unsatisfactory mobile app delivery in the end.

Therefore, take your time to sufficiently research on different companies including their portfolios, past clients, projects they are doing, the technology they are using, experience etc. and then select the ideal one.

Mistake #4: Hiring a Mobile App Development Agency that is not following the latest Trends

The users only show their interest in a mobile application if they are getting something unique and new. They want something new, which is probably impossible to develop if the outsourced company is not following the latest mobile app development trends and technologies. It is possible that the outsourced agency is still using the old design patterns or smartphone application development technologies.

Thus, before making the final decision, check whether the company is developing the apps according to the latest trends or not. If the answer is Yes, you may think of going further with the company.

Mistake #5: Looking for the low-priced Solutions

Of Course, price matters a lot in outsourcing, but compromising with the smartphone application quality and performance due to the low prices is not really a wise decision. A too low priced solution may not always deliver the quality in the work.

Don’t just look only at the price, to achieve your business goals, your first priority must be always the quality of the application. The quality can be one of the major factors that may take your application to the maximum downloads in a short span of time. Thus, try to find the experienced agency with skilled mobile application developers who is providing cost effective solutions.

Mistake #6: Selecting a company with less cross-platform Knowledge

Making the phone application available across all the major platforms offers more chances of success. While you start launching your smartphone application in iOS & Android, in the next phase you can think about to make it available in other platforms also (Windows, Blackberry etc).

Also, cross-platform apps are cost effective and need less time to build. To build a successful cross platform mobile app, the outsourced agency must be familiar with the cross-platform development technologies and trends.

Mistake #7: Ignoring UI/UX Design

Mobile app technology always emerges with some trending concepts and UI design, which is not an exception. A phone application with a beautiful UI and good UX is always appreciated by the users and gain more popularity.

Ignoring the UI/UX design part can be one of your biggest mistakes. Thus, hire an app development firm which has a rich team of UI/UX design experts with the years of experience. Also, the company must be familiar with latest UI/UX design trends in the market.

Mistake #8: Watching out for “Quick Solution”

The Mobile App Development is not a one or two day process, it takes time to develope a high-quality mobile application. Some of the developers look for quick solutions without considering the other factors such as quality, performance, design etc and get an unsatisfactory outcome.

Thus, you must dig deeper into the mobile app features and research about “how much time my application would need to develop?”. Generally, the app needs almost 18 weeks to fully develop and publish and may need more time based on the complexity and number of features.

Mistake #9: Looking for Agencies only in native places

Hiring a smartphone application development firm in your native place may cost you more. Compared to native locations, outsourcing to the other countries can give you a more sophisticated mobile app at an affordable cost.

Thus, don’t bind your research in native or any specific area only. Keep your search to a very broad level, look for mobile app development companies in other countries also. You can also take help from outsourcing freelance marketplaces to find a perfect outsourcing company in the far areas.

For example, if you are living in Florida, avoid hiring a developer from that location, instead of it you can search outside your city, state or country. What you want is a mobile app development company or agency that can understand your project requirements & delight you with a unique and best app. Many of the big brands outsource their project in other countries to get cost effective and better solutions.

Final words- Learn from your mistakes

If you have already made any of the above mistakes in choosing the outsourcing agency, it’s better to move on & go with another one. It’s no longer a smart decision to still stay with the wrong company.

It’s better to learn from your mistake & choose an ideal outsourcing company with relevant experience.

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Originally published at www.truelancer.com on February 24, 2016.

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