Convergence of Self- Employment and Freelancing

What is Self-Employment?

This is the foremost thing you should know before going deep into the article? Do you know what the so-called self-employment is? The word tells us all. Self- employment simply means working for self not for others. A self- employee neither gets monthly salary nor gets pension or other benefits. He is never committed to any employer. It is as simple as that. In earlier days, business ventures were only considered as self- employment. But now the story has been changed. Before going deep into that, let us see another session.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a working for others but not as in a 9 to 5 job. A freelancer works on contract basis say 1 year. They have the freedom to choose works. There will be no problem if he/she denies doing one job. But this is not the case of regular workers. They have to do everything what they are asked to do. In the public sector, they will be punished and in the private sector, there is a chance for them to be dismissed. Freelancing is regarded as the most beautiful job on the earth.

Why Freelancing is the Best Job on the Earth?

  1. We have no orders to obey as we are our boss.
  2. We can work from home and no office is needed.
  3. We can wear any dress. Say goodbye to official suits and be comfortable.
  4. There is no work schedule. You can work on 12 in the night or 5 in the morning. It’s completely your choice.
  5. We can choose our own customers
  6. No more shouting from your Boss. Clients will die to get you as an employee if you deliver best stuffs.
  7. The most comfortable thing is that we can work from home.
  8. You don’t have to take leave if you are sick. Just say the client the fact. That’s all. So no more frustrating phone calls for a sick leave.
  9. No more boredom of doing the same thing. You can select a variety of jobs to be done.
  10. The lucrative feature : — We get more money
  11. Significant fact : — we spend less, in most of the cases none
  12. There will be problems among co- workers if you are doing the job in a team. You don’t have to worry about it if you are a freelancer.

As I already said self- employment was considered as business ventures in earlier days. Bill Gates, Larry Page, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg showed this way. They earned millions and billions. So world believed that self-employment is all about starting a business venture. But the growth of freelancing changed this belief.

The term freelance was first used by Sir Walter Scott in his work Ivanhoe. That was around in 19th century. But from that time, freelancing developed a lot. Before the invention of the internet, freelancers worked like an agency. There were freelance detectives, freelance journalists, freelance painters etc. If they found a client (or a client wanted them), they would make a hard- copy contract and take the sign of them in it. Then negotiated for the rate and started working. The Client got a copy of the contract. If any of them (client or freelancer) broke the terms and conditions, they could make use of the contract to get compensation.

This way self- employment got merged with freelancing. Today, there are many who consider both as the same. Actually there are only subtle differences.

Invention of Internet

Internet came to the scene with the name ARPANET in 1970s. Its access was given to public after 1–2 decades. The Internet revolutionized the freelance world. After people got connected through web, clients started seeking for clients online and they got. That’s how online freelancing started. Sprouting of blogs was a great twist. Blogs found many methods to monetize. And they began churning out million dollars. Then there occurred the need for content writers and designers. Clients searched web for employees. As there were no social networks or freelancing sites available, it was so difficult to get qualified employees.

Then sites like truelancer, odesk, freelancer, elance, guru and fiverr were founded. So now working as freelancer is not awkward so as getting employees.

According to a report of the freelancing site Elance, most of their freelancers put their skill as writing or editing. It’s about 39 %. Apart from writing there are designing, photography, SEO, blog management, web designing, web development, android app development and software development jobs available.

So now, the words self-employment and freelancing are using in the same sense. We can call a freelancer with the name self- employer and vice versa.

Now What do You Think?

Now, there are many freelance jobs available. Anyone can join the sites like truelancer and start working. It’s the most beautiful and peaceful job on the earth because of comfort it offers.

Do you not like to work under a boss? Do you want work in your own comfort? Then freelancing is the best job for you. We can work from home and earn a lot of money if you have the potential.

There may be many hurdles you have to jump to bag an offline or regular job like 60% marks in engineering or graduation. But in freelancing skill is your qualification. Show the skill earn much money.

Another thing is there is a limited salary in a regular job. But the sky is the limit for the money you can make from freelancing. No age limit is needed to become a freelancer. Even a primary school student can earn much money if he has the ability.

Imagine the face of your Mom when you give a $1000 dollar to her and say spend this like the way you want. According to me, this is the most precious moment ever in my life.

So don’t hesitate. If you have a skill like writing, designing or coding, just join and reap the benefits.

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Originally published at on April 8, 2015.

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