How To Do Natural SEO On Your Blog

Actually Today lot blogs are running on different-different Platform just like Blogger , Word Press , Joomla , etc . but ever as we know blogging is best way to teach online for Online public here you can make more and new readers . so, come to point Blogger is a free hosted platform here no need of hosting to run any blog so i am going to here disucuss about How To Do Natural SEO On Your Blog . And lot of features are available here and Google index first for blogger platform’s posts . Blogger’s post is quickly on the Internet if are using right SEO Tools .

Now these days lot of updates are doing by Google & Yahoo, Bing Search engines . Google & Yahoo is most top and big search engine so, we always need to prevent our blog from these UPDATES . So, here I am sharing some tips for natural SEO to rank your website in search engine .

Correct Domain Name :-

If you really wants to drive lot of traffic in just few works , then you need to use “Keyword” in your domain name .

This is Best Example keyword contained Domain. Mostly all Post of this Blog is on #1 , and if you use find some related content of this blog by using “Blogger” keyword then see result this blog will on front page of search result .

And other then keyword domain use domains which look like a Brand name

Example :- ,

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Always Write Value Added Articles

Whatever Blogger is platform to speak from your mind not for copy paste any article from any website to your blog. Yeah I am agree you will get traffic but you will not get Publicity . We should write useful article for our readers . try to write more valuable article jut like some tricks, tips , etc and use anchor text link there .

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Proper Links in Article

Always put relevant link in article it is better for you and your blog. Because if suppose your blog is related to blogging but there in some articles you are providing links for health related blog than it is bad . I am sure in next update Google will kill your blog . So, in this case use proper linking in article and also in limit.

Update your Blog Regularly

Actually according to title Natural work always be natural and powerful , so always update your blog regularly daily basis, if you are not active then try to publish 3 post in a week on your blog . it is sufficient and best because by publishing 3 post you will not loss your traffic . Activeness always will help you to rank your content without SEO .

SO, now I hope you find these tips helpful for you , please don’t forgot to socialize it .

Originally published at on May 5, 2015.

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