How to Make Your Article Search Engine Friendly

“Content is King” everyone know very well about this . If you are running a blog or running any website so there you have to post article, guide on that site so there when you write best and quality article on your blog that gets good ranking in search engine automatically. So today we are here going to discuss about How to Write SEO friendly article or in other words we can say how to make Your article Search Engine Friendly .

If you wants to make Long relationship with Readers and visitors from Search engine then you have to write Search engine friendly content on your website . SEO means is Search Engine Optimization so in this work we have to do optimization of article before publishing it’s best way to understand in short about make search engine friendly article.

SO how to write Search engine friendly Article ?

Keyword Research :

There are different ways to do keyword research on internet . But I’ll suggest you to use Google Keyword Planner for research about keyword which you need to include in your content . Actually in this work we have to find relevant keyword for the article then we use them when we writing article .

Suggestion — Find Keyword having Good Searches and Low Competition will give you more chances to Get Rank.

Use of Keyword in Content :

Actually having Machine is not important whether you don’t know the real and proper use. So same condition is applied here , you should have proper knowledge how to use keyword in content will give you amazing boost otherwise if you gone on wrong track it can be harmful (Dangerous) in ranking on search engine. We should take at least 4–5% keyword density in content . One keyword in title and one in each first paragraph and last and use other anywhere else .

Internal Linking :

Internal Linking and proper source with website link you should put in your content and always try to choose authority websites to link in article . Google loves to authority website in everywhere like Ranking, Internal linking and source credit . So, this step is also Important always never forgot about it .

Yoast Plugin for WordPress :

Yoast is one of the best plugin or I can say this is king for SEO in wordpress platform . If you are using wordpress platform to run your blog or website so you should use this plugin if you want better seo score of your content to make it search engine friendly.

SEO is very import now these days because of lot of competition in internet world for ranking on search engines . Actually Google is king in search engines whether many other search engines are on internet Baidu , Bing , Yahoo , etc . So I am suggesting you if you to follow these simple steps and try to write completely unique for your website which will give you extra ranking on search engine without following much steps.

Originally published at on May 3, 2015.

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