User Testing on the Cheap

I’m crazy proud of my team.

We had friends over for dinner last night. What did my co-founder and our user researcher want to do with the people coming over? Have them play with our latest Invision demos. And, we were all happy to scramble and get two demos together, so we could see how they’d react.

I was a little scared our friends might think they were getting sucked into some sort of Tupperware party, but honestly, they were super happy to help out.

User testing doesn’t have to be too pricey or difficult for us starving startups. You don’t always need an Amazon gift card. You don’t always need the perfect demographic. Or an interview room with multiple cameras. (Though if you can get all those things, nice!)

Sometimes you just need your friends. Who are coming over for dinner. And an Invision demo. Or two.

You’ll get some interesting data. And a fun evening.