The Modern Digital Tragedy

Why Development Teams Fail to Make First-Rate User Interfaces

Creating exceptional digital products is not easy. Most development-centered firms focus on technical concerns to the exclusion of usability. As a result, their sites, apps, and software are confusing and difficult to use. They have sacrificed form on the altar of function.

As the competitive landscape increasingly requires more user-friendly products, development teams employ a variety of tactics to improve user interfaces. Unfortunately, these approaches often fail because they don’t address core user experience problems.

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Part 1: The Eternal Quest for Exceptional Digital Products
Part 2: Relying on Process Change
Part 3: Outsourcing the User Interface
Part 4: Teaching Correct Behavior
Part 5: Upgrading Visuals in a Vacuum
Part 6: Why Development-Centered UI Approaches Fail

About truematter

Frustrating screen experiences are everywhere. You deal with them, we deal with them, our older relatives deal with them, and they make us all want to take a hammer to whatever device we’re using.

Truematter exists to make all of our lives easier any time we have to deal with a website, app, or piece of software. Our team is always thinking about how to improve user experience to help create digital products that are usable, useful, and loved. You can read more of our thoughts at

Author: @ExperienceDean
Editor: @baileysendsword
Illustrations: @danielmachado

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